Beautifully Burned – The Dreamcaster Series #2

I’m loving the Dreamcaster Series and I can’t wait for the next one to come out. – Night Owl Reviews

Fall into a dreamlike tale as C.J. Burright builds a world that straddles reality and a magical world few know of. From scene to scene, the growth and changes in some of the characters is remarkable as one outwardly tough woman and one outwardly standoffish man find a one in a lifetime relationship that dreams are made of. – Tome Tender




















Danyella Foster just wanted to get her bills paid, not become the proud owner of her very own walking nightmare.

After a tragic fire wrecked her family and destroyed her dreams, bartender Ella struggles to provide for her traumatized sister while pretending her nightmares are normal. She never imagined life could get worse until Daxen—sensual, snarly, and the supernatural force she’d been warned to avoid—shows up at her bar. When he drags her into a secret world of monsters who look like men and appoints himself her protector, Ella does what she does best: plots to escape her fate.

But the society Daxen belongs to holds answers to the mysterious power that burns inside Ella, and ignoring the sparks he enflames proves harder each day. While Daxen claims he can’t love, his touch fires her senses. His kiss calls her to trust him. Surrender could be so sweet … if not for the dark secrets Ella can’t reveal.

When both worlds collide and enemies use her sister as bait, Ella must decide who to trust: only herself, or Daxen, a being who might be more monster than man.







Dangerously Dark – #3 in the Dreamcaster Series