Every Breath

Coming February, 2020!

She wants the full fairy tale. He’s no prince offering a happily ever after. True love may have met its match this time…

True love. Happily ever after. The full-meal-deal fairy tale. Glamour girl Gia Hellman almost had it all, until death stole the love of her life. Two years and a string of dead-end hook ups later, she’s through fooling around. Love will be hers again, and sexy, one-night-only lawyer Ian O’Conner doesn’t fit into the equation. No matter how charming or tempting, he’s neither knight nor prince, and she’s done kissing frogs.

Prestige. Power. A pristine reputation. Ian O’Conner allows nothing to derail his goal of becoming the next partner in the most distinguished firm in town, not even Gia, the curvy vixen in sparkles and pink stilettos who haunts his fantasies. With a past full of long-buried secrets, he never breaks his rule of one night. But when the case to propel Ian to the top requires working with Gia—and then a slip up results in a fake engagement—keeping his distance may be the trial of his life.

As the passion between them builds and rules break one by one, Ian must decide between protecting a secret that could destroy him or risking it all for Gia’s dream of happily ever after. If only Ian believed in fairy tale endings…


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