The Hearts and Haunts Series

The Hearts and Haunts series, where destined souls find each other…with a whisper of supernatural in the mix. These stand-alone novels are set in a fictional small town where anything could happen from best friends discovering true love in a haunted house, to opposites joining forces to battle for happily ever after, to childhood friends finding second chances and facing urban legends best left buried. A hint of humor, a bit of mystery, ghostly chills, and a whole lot of romance.

The Music, Love and Other Miseries Series

The Music, Love and Other Miseries series is set in the fictional small town of Graywood, all spotlighting the music, love, and other miseries of the sexy men and independent women who live there. Romance steamed, not scorched, with a side order of heart and humor. Each book stands alone, but it’s a small town, so a familiar face or two are bound to show up.

            [EVERY KISS]               [EVERY MINUTE]          [EVERY BREATH]           [EVERY STEP]

The Dreamcaster Series

The Dreamcaster Series is a series of standalone new adult paranormal romance novels. While each book is best enjoyed in sequence, they may be read out of order. Each full-length story radiates with razor sharp tension, humor, banter, action and adventure, fated mates with hard-earned love, quirky goodness, beauty and hope in the darkness, shapeshifters with a nightmare twist, and a fresh and exciting take on the paranormal genre. If you like strong heroines who won’t stop until they’ve saved their hot but tortured heroes, you’ll love these magical romances.

[ WONDERFULLY WICKED ]                 [ BEAUTIFULLY BURNED ]                 [ DANGEROUSLY DARK ]