1.  Thieves. A V’alkara mistakenly thinks it’s his right to butt into nightmares and steal stuff from people’s minds.  Like hairy spiders or demon horses. So what if I don’t really want those things in my head, haunting my dreams? They’re mine. Come on – at least ask with a pretty please first.

2.  Annoying.  A V’alkara will stalk you, sneak up on you, and scare you, smirking all the way. Lurkers in dark places, every last one of them. Oh, and they bring nightmares to life, if you offer one. I suggest you don’t.

3.  Overbearing.  Possessive, bossy, arrogant…yeah.  All that. No amount of good looks will cancel out those charming qualities. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Pains in the derriere. Especially Lydon.

Lydon Finally4.  Psycho.  No dreams=major mental issues. V’alkara don’t dream because they don’t sleep, which can be a bummer when trying to ditch them. I never knew how important dreams are to a mind, but believe me – be glad you dream, even if it’s only nightmares like me. Talk about messed up. 

5.  Untrustworthy.  No matter what they might tell you, what heroic act they perform on your behalf, their loyalty belongs to the V’alkara brotherhood. Ha. Probably because they rely on their master to keep them sane through some sort of freaky connection. Sounds more like coercion to me, but whatever. I’m pretty sure the definition of V’alkara in Webster’s is “ulterior motives.”

dreamstimeextrasmall_9173660My best advice to you:  hope you never meet a V’alkara, especially if you’re a dreamcaster. Lucky me.         


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