The Hearts and Haunts series, where destined souls find each other…with a whisper of supernatural in the mix. These stand-alone novels are set in a fictional small town where anything could happen from best friends discovering true love in a haunted house, to opposites joining forces to battle for happily ever after, to childhood friends finding second chances and facing urban legends best left buried. A hint of humor, a bit of mystery, ghostly chills, and a whole lot of romance.

Series: Hearts and Haunts

Book Cover: Now and Always
Now and Always

What readers are saying…

“I have laughed and cried with this book. I absolutely loved this couldn’t put it down. So well written and a great cast I was drawn in from the start. What a great writer.” ~Negalley Review 5 stars
“First reading the synopsis about Grumpy character, oohh boy i was fast clicking request button. Dedication for winchesters boys i am your tribe!! This is my first book with this author, i love her writing style, the plot was easy and smooth i enjoy it. ~Netgalley Review 5 stars
“Once again C.J. outdoes herself. I laughed at the Supernatural nods throughout. This story was very familiar to me because it was just like my relationship with my husband, though sadly without the haunted Gothic mansion. I can’t get over how perfect these stories are and the story between Edwin and Elizabeth was so sweet and sad. The way Ren and Leo pieced everything together was perfect. I can’t wait for the next book.” ~Goodreads Review 5 stars
“I really enjoyed reading this book as it had elements of romance, mysticism and even humor in its plot and dialogue. It was well written with lots of descriptive language. The characters are smart, fun and sexy. It will keep you turning the pages! I look for to reading the next in this series…” ~Goodreads Review 5 stars
“I really enjoyed this incredible Paranormal Romance. The characters are given depth and personality. It allows us as a reader to connect. Their connection with each other was even better. We felt the heat and sparks. I loved how everything unfolded, the flow was perfect and I thought that part was perfectly done.
Perfect PNR.” ~Goodreads Review 5 stars
“This book was a wow from the beginning. There was something big happening the entire time. Never knowing for sure what would come next. The characters are lovely. They have warmth, are loving, brave and entertaining. Lots of action, great plot and good flow of writing equals good reading.” ~Goodreads Review 5 stars
“I love this story as it touches on the paranormal, one of my favorite genres. A book to be read by anyone who loves this genre.” ~Goodreads Review 5 stars
“Great book! Loved the story and the characters! Can’t wait for the next book to come out. I hope it’s soon!” ~Amazon Review 5 stars
“A lot of love mixed with a little magic is a perfect combination. I adored the characters and the setting. Can’t wait to read the next one in the series.” ~Amazon Review 5 stars
“Best book I’ve read in a long time!” ~Amazon Review 5 stars
“This was such a good book! I had the hardest time putting it down, it was so gripping! Ren and Leo are honestly my goal, they’re best friends who secretly love each other and eventually become the couple they were meant to be. It’s sweet and spooky, not enough that you need to sleep with the lights on but enough that it gives you little goosebumps. I’m still not entirely sure if it was actually haunted or not, but I’m saying yes. Loved it!” ~Amazon Review 5 stars
“I had so much fun reading this book. Totally delved into it and couldn’t put it down. Also, I loved Karen’s nickname (Ren) and her relationship with Leo is absolutely fun. Having been burned before, Ren is hesitant to fall for Leo, no matter how much she finds him HOT. Add to that a haunted house. 
What a great book…” ~Amazon Review 5 stars
“I loved this book so much. Everything about it drew me in. The friendship turned to romance, the true heart of the hero, and the sprinkle of spookiness on top.  I’m so excited about this new series, and I know once you read this one, you will be, too!” ~Amazon Review 5 stars
“Fun read. Loved the ghost story. Leo and Ren are a hoot. Their banter is off the charts. Laughed out loud a few times. All around good story. Already downloaded books 2 and 3. Loving this author!” ~Amazon Review 5 stars
“I don’t usually like supernatural stories but this one was spellbinding! An old house with vicious rumors, Halloween and two people meant for each other- who could ask for a borrowed story. I couldn’t put it down once I started. Can’t wait to read more by this author. Had me holding my breath several times throughout.” ~Amazon Review 5 stars
“I liked this book. The story was good. The characters were well detailed and they shared great connection and intense chemistry. I loved the ending.” ~Amazon Review 5 stars