1. Dreamcasters leak nightmares – good for me, bad and sometimes fatal for nearby nap-takers. Be careful where you snooze.

2. Not all dreamcasters are boring – had a bit of fun with Kalila and her nightmare demon dog not long ago. She lost her humor when I made her mind-mirage demon real. She’s such a grouchy little monster.

3. Dreamcasters can be dangerous – don’t be a moron and let her delicate appearance fool you. One moment of weakness and she’ll draw any V’alkara into her dreams. Plus, some dreamcasters carry knives.

4. Dreamcasters will ruin a V’alkara – I’ve worked hard for the freedom my master allows me. I’m the Black. I’m not going to throw everything away on a dreamcaster…unless she can liberate me completely.

5. Dreamcasters have the tastiest dreams – which is why I won’t share Kalila. Think whatever you want. That’s the only reason I stay close to her.