Dreamcaster Series Book One


dreamstimeextrasmall_9173660Kalila Montgomery – reluctant dreamcaster. Would prefer a punch in the face to being kissed, but that’s another story.  Coffee makes her  happy…and oh yeah, an eight hour snooze time without nightmares would be nice. Pftt. Like that’s ever going to happen.

Favorite song:  Music of the Night.

Favorite book:  Anything Poe.

Favorite romantic date:  Nope.

Motto:  Breathe.  Remember who you are.  Go down fighting.


Lydon FinallyLydon v’al Endrian
– the Black V’alkara. Never fails a mission. Some claim he has vanity issues, maybe a hint of arrogance. Or two. But he wasn’t raised to Black for his lack of skills. Give him any nightmare and he’ll strip it clean – even from a dreamcaster. Kalila, however, might be a problem. Not that he’ll ever admit that one aloud.

Favorite song:  Demons – Imagine Dragons.

Favorite book:  The Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks.

Favorite romantic date:  Ever visited a Hell dreamscape? It’s nice and steamy. Lots of monsters. Fun times.

Motto:  Selfishness is a virtue. Really.


dreamstimeextrasmall_29366895Melanie Troyer– Kalila’s BFF.  While cute and bubbly and adored by all, Mel sees things. Like the future. Makes investing a cinch, but knowing what’s going to happen isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when some dude shows up in her living room and freezes her in place. Literally. So not cool.

Favorite song:  Party in the USA. Don’t hate me. It’s a good song.

Favorite book:  The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter – Maddox…sigh.

Favorite romantic date:  Beach. Moonlight. Dancing.  I like it all.

Motto:  So many men, so little–ouch! Who pinched me?


dreamstimeextrasmall_16879761Daxen v’al Solanis – V’alkara spy. Loyal only to the V’alkara brotherhood and their master. Obeys without question, feels nothing – scaring old ladies for thrills is merely a rumor spread by Black, as is sleeping on a bed made of dreamcaster bones. After all, the V’alkara don’t sleep. Ever.

Favorite song:  Broken by Seether.

Favorite book:  Pride and Prejudice – tell anyone and you die.

Favorite romantic date:  (scorching silence)

Motto:  Freedom is an illusion created by the destructive self.


dreamstimeextrasmall_16975397Gwendolyn (last name and origins unknown) – V’alkara hater/hunter extraordinaire, excellent with knives and general kicking of hiney. Black is the exception to her kill-all-V’alkara rule since she owes him one. So she might have some unresolved revenge stuff going on – understandable, all things considered. Stay on her good side and you’ll survive. Oh, and she has a weakness for colorful sparklies.

Favorite song:  Animal I Have Become – Three Days Grace

Favorite book:  Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales. Realistic endings, none of that Disney mush.

Favorite romantic date: Mention whip and I’m there.

Motto:  Mention whip and I’m there. Hey, it works.


dreamstimeextrasmall_2048505Duhnle “D” Ames – Wise Master of Weirdness and Knowledge Normal People Don’t Want to Know. Rogue V’alkara nerd. Expert on dreamcaster lore, hates the V’alkara almost as much as Gwendolyn, and will do anything to remain hidden from the V’alkara brotherhood. Nothing excites him more than meeting a dreamcaster and adding more facts to his ridiculous stacks of handwritten notebooks…meeting the Black V’alkara? Not so much. Underestimating him is a bad idea.

Favorite song:  The Pink Panther theme.

Favorite book:  Duhnle’s Dreamcaster Diary – fascinating facts. Somewhere in there is the remedy to a V’alkara’s dreamlessness and a dreamcaster’s nightmares, and I’ll find it. Eventually.

Favorite romantic date:  I wish.

Motto:  My mind makes up for whatever I lack in muscle. Black has nothing on me.