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Welcome to Burright’s Blog – Friday Fascination

Welcome to Fascination Friday, my blog exploring all things paranormal, mystic and strange. The supernatural has always intrigued me (and no, I’m not talking about just the Winchester boys).  From the best sellers ranging from werewolves to fairies, vampires to angels, I’m fairly certain I’m not alone in my enthrallment of the spooky and unexplainable.  I invite you to join me on my weekly journey into the world of weirdness.  We’ll explore everything from haunted castles to windigos (if you don’t know what a windigo is, stick around). Maybe you’ll learn something new.  Maybe you’ll teach me a thing or two.  Maybe inspiration will dropkick you in the patooty.  Whatever.  I hope you’ll tag along.

Sinister Spring awaits you!



  1. Ty-roawn says:

    I like the way you move it liek thur mhhmm liek thur

  2. Bon Qui Qui says:

    OHEMGEE!!! I got exsited as soon as u said sometin about them vampires! The Twilite series is my favorite. Edward is so dreemy!!! <33333

  3. Bon Qui Qui says:

    Mmmm hey der Tyrone 😉

  4. Ty-roawn says:

    hey durr M or F?

  5. coleenjb says:

    I’m so glad to meet some HUGE paranormal fans from the south…:)

  6. Chrystee Houser says:

    I’m looking forward to delving more into the “world of weirdness” and learning more about windigos!

  7. Good morning,

    I keep popping up all over the place.


    1. coleenjb says:

      Thanks for “popping” by, Sarah!

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