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Close Encounter of the Divine Kind


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What’s more paranormal than the Big Guy Himself?  Um…nothing.  FYI, I’m not even remotely preachy or judgmental and my blogging won’t go into that no-man’s land either, but I’m absolutely and completely a God girl.  He rocks.

I had a moment.  At the copy machine.  Not a life-changing moment, but a moment I will never forget.  It wasn’t a big deal—I had told a friend I’d pray for her sister.  I was waiting at the copy machine.  Two birds, one rubber band, eh?  I prayed, nothing fancy or memorable.


I’m soooo glad I was the only one at work at that moment.  Pow! God belted me like a cream pie to the face with a big, fat heavenly hug.  Adequately explaining an encounter with Him in words is impossible.  A hit of liquid sunshine times a thousand.  You’re so overwhelmed, you want to cry, laugh, fall down, and dance, all at the same time (and I do not dance).  The irrefutable knowledge you are luh-huved, no doubts, no questions, no reservations.

I don’t know why He chose that moment at the copy machine for a supernatural smackdown, but whenever I have a bad day, I think back to that burned-into-my-brain moment.  Bam!  Another hit of insta-joy.


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So, you have an up-close-and-personal moment with the Boss upstairs you want to share?

And if you’re looking for fresh some rockin’ music, my favorite band Skillet has a brand spankin’ new album out on June 25 – Rise.  Check out the title song here.




  1. Too many stories to count, but enough to know he’s usually got his fingers wound through my life in a way that’s only meant for my benefit.

    1. coleenjb says:

      And isn’t that a sigh of relief, knowing He’s got your back?

  2. Inspiring post! Those heavenly hugs sound wonderful. And so does that hit of liquid sunshine. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

    1. coleenjb says:

      Thanks Joanne!

  3. I’m a God girl, too. He makes my life, well, everything worth it. 🙂

    1. coleenjb says:


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