Friday Fascination

Blazin’ Bagpipes

I’m on vacation, so the closest to supernatural I’m gonna get this week is to this dude and his bagpipes.  Combination of bagpipes and fire – freakin’ fantabulous.  Thanks to  Permanent Mary Sue’s blog for cluing me in to this new take on a kilt-loving (or…maybe no kilt at all) musician.  Enjoy!

The Bad Piper

Isn’t he awesome?


  1. Loved it! Excellent vacation blogging. 🙂

    1. coleenjb says:


  2. Hung Low DoJo says:


  3. coleenjb says:

    Nothing perverted about it, um…Mr. DoJo. Talented bagpipe players combining music with fire should be recognized.

  4. That is just lovely. Have you heard Celtica Rock Pipes – They are truly awesome but not unkilted 🙁

    1. coleenjb says:

      Adding the words Celt and Pipe together–I’m sold! I’m okay with kilts in there too. 🙂

    2. Celtica was a band called, “The Power Pipes” that I joined ba
      in 2009, evil ****er guitarist stole it and everything else, replaced ALL four other members behind our backs and ripped us off, he should be jailed !!

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