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I don’t know about you, but I find a hero so much more interesting if there’s something…different, otherworldy, or weird about him. A power. A secret identity. A darkness he sometimes strives to keep deep, deep down in the pit of his soul (to no avail).  Here’s five of my favorite paranormal heroes, in no particular order.

Eric Northman from True Blood. He’s sexy, powerful, charming, and sooooo bad (Good Eric was nowhere near as fascinating as Bad Eric).  He goes after what he wants, no apologies for his methods.  Gotta love that.

Jericho Z Barrons from Karen Moning’s Dream Fever series. I’m still not sure what sort of creature he is, but who cares, right? The dude owns a book store.

Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. I won’t insert any spoilers in here for those who have only watched the show and not read George R.R. Martin’s books. The scorned bastard of a great lord, a noble character AND he swings a wicked sword – those qualities alone would be enough for me. His later-discovered paranormal quality only adds to his extra-awesomeness.

Lucivar Yaslana from Anne Bishop’s Dark Jewel series. He’s dangerous, beyond powerful, and his vile temper sometimes proves deadly. Abuse does that to a character, even if he happens to be a son of the High Lord of Hell. But the man has a great sense of humor and fights for what’s right. Plus, he has freakin’ wings.


Maddox from Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld. Talk about the tormented hero, keeping Violence under control and dying every night. What a bummer.  But Violence can be sexy…if it’s used against the bad guys…and Maddox is smokin’ hot.

Who’s your favorite paranormal hero? I don’t mind if you can’t choose one (obviously, I couldn’t)!  Leave a comment for a chance to win this Poe Bookmini Edgar Allen Poe dream journal. Be sure to leave your email so I have a way to contact you! Extra entry points (and brownie points with this author) if you sign up for my newsletter or blog, like my FB page, or follow me on Twitter.  Come on, you know you want to.


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  1. Girl, I knew I loved you for a reason. Jericho? Really? And we’ve never GUSHED about him together.

    Have you read Darynda Jones’ Graves series? Um, Reyes. Kinda hard to beat being the son of Satan when it comes to being a tortured bad ass. Then there’s Knight and Tack from a few of Kristen Ashley’s books. Neither of them are paranormal, but I don’t care. They’re too YUMMY to care.

    I could go on….

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Don’t even get me started about Jericho Barrons – I even bought a Barron’s Books & Baubles t-shirt. I have the first Grave book awaiting on my TBR list, but I’ve heard other Reyes fans talk about him. I had to keep my list at five because there are so many favorites!

  2. How about Raphael from Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series? Okay, he’s got wings too, smoking hot and totally bad ass.

    1. CJ Burright says:

      In a recent trip to Powell’s, I bought Nalini Singh’s first Guild Hunter book–haven’t read it yet, but I’ve heard other Raphael fans cooing about him, so he must be a good one. And wings? Oh, yeah. Thanks for dropping by, Sarah!

  3. absolutely love Barrons, and yep Raphael too, his latest book is released today, so getting that 🙂

    1. CJ Burright says:

      I’m going to have to check this Raphael… 🙂

  4. I’m not into paranormal per se, but that Jericho guy, he’s dreamy. I could get into him (or he could get into me IYKWIM).

    Sorry I can’t really participate in this one, but I like the pics. And I’ll still sign up for your newsletter, only because I think you’re cool.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Oh, yes…I know EXACTLY what you mean. Awwww, thanks for signing up for my newsletter – you rock, Patricia!

  5. Zsadist from the BDB series
    signed up for newsletter

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Ah, the BDB series – another set of books on my TBR list. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. felicia sidoma says:

    I am like you I can not pick one either they are just to many of them. I can’t help but like a new one every time I read a new book. plus I can’t forget the one before

    1. CJ Burright says:

      I have that same problem sometimes too, when the hero from the previous book haunts me. Which is a good thing, right? 🙂

  7. Tammy Turner says:

    Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series has some awesome and HOT paranormal heros!

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Ah, so true! I’m reading Kresley Cole’s Shadow’s Claim right now…

  8. Maddox is one of my favorites too. Of all the Lords of the Underworld books, I find The Darkest Night to still be my favorite.
    Signed up with your newsletter, followed your blog and your Facebook account.

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Yep, The Darkest Night is pretty hard to beat. Yay – extra brownie points for you – thanks for stopping by!

  9. desiree says:

    that weird i read somuch and then theguy i imaine cna behunk like the book i am all most done now it is called forty days they have noah and then ther the son they are sounding great

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Thanks for dropping in, Desiree! 🙂

  10. kimmyl says:

    Thanks for the great post and giveaway! Happy Halloween!
    kac_030 at yahoo dot com

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Thanks for stopping in!

  11. JeanMP says:

    Totally agree about Jericho Barrons!
    signed up for your newsletter
    Liked FB and follow via twitter
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Yup, Jericho is hard to beat! Extra brownie points for you too!! 🙂

  12. Love bad Eric! Looking forward to the new season of True Blood!!!!

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Oh, me too–I’m going through Eric withdrawals!

  13. Meghan Stith says:

    My favorite is Rhage from the BDB series! Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Another BDB fan, huh? I’m definitely going to read those…some day. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  14. I love Sherrilyn Kenyon’s latest hero, Styxx. There’s just something about a noble, intelligent and sarcastic immortal that gets me every time. Of course, there’s also Tegan from Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series, Reseph from Larissa Ione’s Lords of Deliverance series and so many more it’s not even funny.

    1. CJ Burright says:

      I’m a sucker for intelligent and sarcastic too. 🙂

  15. BookAttict says:

    I love Curran from Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series, Wicked Truth from Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, Dante Baptiste from The Maker’s Song series by Adrian Phoenix and Death from Kalayna Price’s Alex Craft series.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Sigh…I see my TBR list growing and growing–which is a good problem to have! Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Krysta B. says:

    I have to say any guy from the Merry Gentry series 🙂
    FB- Krysta Banco


    1. CJ Burright says:

      I had to look up the Merry Gentry series, but any book entitled “A Kiss of Shadows” definitely goes on my TBR list! Thanks for stopping in!

  17. Janie McGaugh says:

    Jeaniene Frost’s Bones is my favorite.

    1. Janie McGaugh says:

      e-mail addy: jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu

    2. CJ Burright says:

      Another good choice!

  18. Shadow says:

    Hi! Happy Halloween! I hope your having an awesome time! This hop is a blast! Great post! My favorite is Justice from Justice by Laurann Dohner. Ive read this book dozens of times! Love it! Thanks for sharing and for the awesome giveaway!

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Ooh…another one I haven’t heard of – I’ll have to check into Justice. 🙂

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