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Destiny – Book Two in the Tranquilli Bloodline Series by Celia Breslin

I read Haven, the first in the Tranquilli Bloodline Series by Celia Breslin, too long ago. Made the wait for Destiny a killer, but huzzah! Destiny hit the shelves on November 3, and when Celia asked me to read and review, I had no problem snatching it up. I’ll post the review December 10 when Celia visits Geeks, but lemme tell ya…Destiny is amazeballs. Not that I expected anything less. So take a look, check out the excerpt, and don’t miss out on the bits of advice from Celia and a few of the Destiny gang.

destiny ecover

Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance * Publisher: Champagne Books

Date of Publication: November 3, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-77155-164-9 * ASIN: B00O6A77FG

Number of pages: 234 * Word Count: 74K

Cover Artist: Ellie Smith

Book Description:

In HAVEN, San Francisco nightclub owner Carina Tranquilli survives a vicious attack by her vampire family’s longtime archenemies. Several weeks later, as she struggles with PTSD and survivor’s guilt, supervillain Dixon resurfaces and kidnaps two of her best friends. To save them, Carina must comply with the evil bastard’s unusual demands. The kicker? She must tell no one what she is up to.

Meanwhile, she has a new dance club to open for the preternatural community, a fated soul mate acting secretive and distant, and a sexy, new, undead friend who’d love to take Alexander’s place in her heart and bed.

Blackmailed, betrayed, tempted…sometimes destiny has a wicked sense of humor.

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Life Lessons Found in Fiction

Hi Everyone!

Thanksgiving is almost here, the time of year to pause and ponder what we’re thankful for. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to write every day. I’ve learned some important lessons from my craft too, and wanted to share.  When my characters heard about my intention, a few of them wanted in on the action, too. I’ve included their thoughts below.  I’d never hear the end of it, if I didn’t!  🙂

Celia (aka Author):

* Give yourself permission to make mistakes.  Consider them learning moments.

* Let yourself make a royal mess of things (as in: rough draft). You can clean it up later (as in: edit).

* Always meet your deadlines.

Muse (aka Artist Brain):

* “Always listen to your muse. I know best, Celia.”

*  “Inspiration is all around us 24/7. Eyes open, Celia. Be present, be mindful. Notice everything.”

Carina Tranquilli (heroine, dance club owner, and Chosen One, Tranquilli Bloodline Series):

::waves from her perch on the baby grand piano in Haven::

* “Work hard, play hard, and give Plan A everything you’ve got. But always have a Plan B in your back pocket.”

Alexander Wallace (hero and musician, Tranquilli Bloodline Series):

::stops playing the piano and shoots us his sexy smile::

* “Dream big. Set goals and work your ass off to achieve them.”

Dixon de Champagne (villain, Tranquilli Bloodline Series):

:: astride his motorcycle, outside Roland’s vampire bar and grill::

* “Remember the past and learn from previous errors, luv. If you bloody well don’t succeed the first time with your plans, try again. And again, and again…”

Thanks for having us over for a visit, C.J.! 🙂

Wise words…even from the dastardly Dixon. And it’s always my pleasure to host you, Celia! 

Happy Holidays!


My day moved from ordinary to interesting when the deliveryman handed me a box that smelled of blood.

The scent made my mouth water. Pungent iron mixed with, of all things, lavender. My thoughts flew straight to Tessa, my surrogate vampire mother. When she pulled out one of her specialty powers, the one I fondly referred to as vampire valium, this relaxing, floral herb scented the air and reduced friend or foe to a boneless, helpless puddle.

I shut the front door on the retreating back of the deliveryman and wiggled the box. Nothing rattled inside. Not particularly heavy, less than ten pounds.

A peace offering, perhaps? Tessa certainly owed me one.

She’d commanded her minion, my boyfriend Alexander, to star in a two-month classical music tour of Italy, performing nightly for vampire dignitaries and their lucky minions. While I, the good little predestined, vampire apocalypse averting, Chosen One in training, remained behind in San Francisco to learn how to kick naughty vampire ass with my latent and rather unwieldy fire power.

“Hey boys,” I called up to the second floor where my friend Adrian and his lover, my mentor Jonas, took their sweet time descending for breakfast. “Bloody prezzie just arrived. And I do mean that literally.”

Silence answered my shout, followed by the whoosh of water in the master bathroom shower and a husky laugh from Adrian. Given that sexy sound, I could expect a delay. Jonas tended to make their showers last forever.

A jolt of jealousy stabbed my stomach. Wish I could enjoy some fun and sexy time with my guy. I shrugged off the sensation and strode into the kitchen. “Fine. More for me.”

I parked my ass in a chair and slid the box onto the table to study it. No return address or package info. Not that surprising. Vampires tended to aim for stealth and subtlety, to fly under the radar of the general human populace. One of Tessa’s minions probably compelled the delivery dude, or he belonged to the circle of humans already in-the-know.

I ripped off the tape in one pull and peeked inside. No packing peanuts, but rather a nest of lavender branches speckled with droplets of blood, as if the branches themselves bled. Beautiful, aromatic, and so very vampire.

A wine box large enough for two bottles rested in the nest. Cold to the touch, indicating recent refrigeration. I lifted it out, trailing my fingers over the gold latch, the dark, glossy wood, the Celtic knots carved into each end, and finally over the initials on top. My initials, C A T. Short for Carina Agostina Tranquilli.

What a well-crafted and thoughtful gift. I bet the wine inside would be equally well-made.

I flipped the latch and opened the lid. My brows collided. Not wine.

Nine vials of blood about the size of my ring finger rested side by side in black velvet bedding. A stopper sealed with red wax and stamped with my initials secured the blood inside each vessel.

I pulled one from its nest and held it up in the light streaming through the kitchen’s bay window. The liquid glowed a rich, ruby red like a shard in a stained glass window.

“Beautiful.” And odd.

Sure, I was a half vampire and could appreciate a fine bit of blood, but I was still a human female and for me, nothing says, I’m sorry for disrupting your entire life like high-end jewelry or better yet an all-expenses paid trip with my boyfriend somewhere secluded, luxurious, and far away from vampire politics. Hell, I’d settle for the return of my boyfriend to San Francisco.

CB.headshot-bwAbout the Author:

Celia lives in California with her husband, daughter, and two feisty cats. She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and has a particular fondness for vampires, werewolves, and the Fae. When not writing, you’ll find her exercising, reading a good book or indulging her addiction to Joss Whedon’s TV shows and movies.

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  1. Hi CJ!
    Thanks for hosting us on your Web site today. Dixon grinned like the maniac he is when he heard you’d called him “dastardly” by the way. 😉

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Dastardly scuzzball is an appropriate reference for Dixon, I believe. Wiser than I expected too. The Tranquilli crowd is always welcome – and you too Celia, of course! Happy Friday!

  2. LOL I have a feeling I’d enjoy Dixon 😉

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Dixon is very, very naughty…and not in a good way. But he is persistent, I’ll give him that.

      1. LOL, now C.J. you know if you give him an inch he’ll take the whole yard! 🙂

        1. CJ Burright says:

          So true!

    2. Hi Anna,
      Dixon is a cheeky devil, indeed. 🙂

  3. This sounds really good! I LOVE the tag line. So catchy. And the life lessons were awesome — some great reminders there! Love how they were tailored to different personalities.

  4. Whoops! I just commented, and I think it went to spam. Not sure why that’s been happening. It’s not spam. Pinky swear!

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Spam, spam, spam, spam…sorry about that, Caryn!

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