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Heavenly Angelica Archangelica

Plants are wonderful, aren’t they?  So many uses—food and beauty, medicine and poison…supernatural protection.  In honor of May 8, the feast day of The Archangel Michael (and my anniversary, in case you didn’t know), we’ll explore Angelica Archangelica.

photo courtesy of Howden
photo courtesy of Howden


Angelica magically blooms every year on May 8.  Now, I haven’t traipsed outside and rummaged through all my weeds to test this theory, so we’ll just assume the information is correct (discovered on the internet, so it’s true, right?).  Legend has it back in the ol’ medieval days an angel invaded a monk’s sleepy-time and informed him angelica would cure the plague. Perhaps the monk had imbibed in one cup too many of the communal wine…or was looking to make a quick buck off his bountiful angelica crop.  Maybe both.


Here’s some, ahem, good uses for angelica:

1. Grow it in your garden and shazam: no burglars or fires.

2.  And if that bully just keeps beating you up and stealing your lunch money, carry some angelica root in your pocket.  Or make a necklace of its leaves.  It turns you invisible to bullies…or something.

3.  Angelica is a member of the parsley family and sometimes called wild celery.  Some braver cooks claim it tastes great on fish and pork (I’ll take their word for it) and it was the original green candy in fruitcake.  Which now makes total sense why I don’t like fruitcake.

4.  Need to exorcise your neighbor’s crazy mother-in-law (or your own)?  Angelica’s got your back.

photo courtesy of Habbick
photo courtesy of Habbick


5.  Pesky evil spirits bringing you down?  Sprinkle angelica in all four corners of your house, burn some leaves (don’t inhale), and peace will be yours.  As an added bonus, it will give “a joyful outlook” to the peeps in your crib.  Never a bad thing.


6.  It’s good for bellyaches, will grant you long life, and if a mad dog bites you, choke some angelica down.  You won’t regret it.

7.  If you want a faithful marriage (and I totally do this…okay, maybe not), dress a whole angelica root with lavender flowers and Peaceful Home Oil (where do you get that?  Wal-mart?).  Carry it all in—and this is very specific—a blue flannel bag.  Voila!  No stray.  Now, if only there was a concoction to make him put the toilet seat down…

Sure, I like to poke fun at superstition, but there’s always a bit of truth floating around in the myth.  Plant’s are nature’s medicine.  Next time you have a tummy ache, try some angelica and let me know if it works.  Are there any natural remedies you swear by?


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