Friday Fascination

A Trip Into Dreamland


Simone: Do you have any dreams?

Pee-wee: Yeah. I’m all alone, I’m rolling a big doughnut, and this snake wearing a vest–

Simone: No. No, not that kind of dream.

Actually, yeah…that kind of dream Pee-wee Herman (that movie still cracks me up).  Ever have a recurring dream and wonder if it meant something…or if you’re stuck in a three-wheeled wagon, wind whipping in your face, bugs in your teeth, headed down the hill into psychoville?  I remember my dreams.  They’re vivid, real as life, evoking emotions that feel true.  Sometimes I kick butt and other times, no matter how fast I run, the pack of killer butterflies get me.  But there’s one dream in particular I’ve had over and over:  tidal waves.


photo courtesy of Rizzuti
photo courtesy of Rizzuti

I’ll be on a bridge and tidal waves come at me from both sides.  I’ll be on a beach and see it racing toward the shore.  I’ll be in a city, look up, and see the wave cresting skyscrapers.  But the surfer dude’s dream wave never catches me.  Freaky deaky, huh?  So, I thought I’d share what my tidal wave dream hunt dug up.


Well, apparently water symbolizes your subconscious and emotional state of mind.  It represents spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment.  Sounds good…if you’re dreaming of calm, clear water.  Not so much otherwise.  Waves symbolize potential and power.  Hmmm…watch out Hilary.  White House here I come.  Nah, I’ll settle for being creator of my own book world empires, thank you very much.

photo courtesy of Barker
photo courtesy of Barker

One source said that dreaming a wall of water is coming at you means emotions are welling up and you might close yourself off from others.  Possibly warmer on that one.  A rough ocean represents some emotional turmoil and the dreamer is doing their best to handle life’s ups and downs.  Vague, if you ask me.  Aren’t we all doing our best to handle life’s merry-go-round?

This is the best one though:  to dream of a tidal wave represents a significant issue in life that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. If you have been repressing feelings or procrastinating in other matters, you need to open up and deal with issues immediately. In a dream, a tidal wave means that you are able to create with your own mind, indicates that you are in control of your emotions and able to manipulate them as needed.

Scary-true.  I procrastinate (sometimes).  I repress.  I create.  I control my emotions better than anyone else I know.  So why do I keep having the stinkin’ tidal wave dream?  On a good note, at least I don’t have clown dreams.  I HATE clowns.  Check out Pee Wee Herman’s Clown Nightmare clip.  Shudder.

Do you have any recurring dreams you want to share?  Or crazy dreams?  Or maybe you have some insight you could share on tidal wave dreams (I’d love to know).



  1. Oddly, my recurring dreams are of flying…which I love. That and the ability to move things with my mind are what started my Eden series.

    1. coleenjb says:

      Lexi is your alter-ego? I knew it! I don’t think I’ve ever had a flying dream or moved stuff with my mind, but I’ve been naked at my old high school and couldn’t remember the combo number to my locker or what class I was supposed to be in–an easy interpretation: I hated high school. But I’ll take dreams of Alex Skarsgard anytime!

  2. Cathy says:

    Hmm…I also have reoccurring dreams of tidal waves. Strange, I wonder if our other sister does too?

    1. coleenjb says:

      CATHY!! That’s super-freaky, don’t you think? Good to see you have free time now to do important stuff, like stop by my blog. 🙂

  3. Colette Smith says:

    No, I do not have dreams about tidal waves, I’m always falling off cliffs, hmmmm

    1. coleenjb says:

      Weird. Guess I’ll have to research what falling off a cliff means in dreams.

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