1. I am one of those in authority. Muahahahahaha.

    1. coleenjb says:

      Dear diary, I will attempt to destroy the female authority by attacking her feet while on the stairs. One day, I will be victorious and her tyranny will end.

      1. Fat Ass Frank says:

        Dear Diary, this 20 pound Boxer Mutt you brought home (Security) has brought shame to our so called home. As being the largest (fattest) of the 5 cats I find him repulsive, we are gathering a group to terminate with extreme prejudice and educate this shallow minded dumbass on who runs this place.


        Big Boned Frank

        1. coleenjb says:

          Yes, Frank. The cat counsel is sympathetic to your crisis and has, therefore, chosen to unite and plot methods to resolve this most vexing quandary in secret. Tonight at midnight. Beside the cat box. No hairballs allowed, lest the authorities overhear our schemes.

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