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Sutherland Ghosties and Jamie Fraser

Any James Alexander Malcomb McKenzie Fraser fans out there?  After reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (if you haven’t read it yet—sigh.  Jamie will steal your heart), if I come across Jacobite or Charles Stuart they pop out at me.  So when I stumbled upon Dunrobin Castle in my haunted places search and saw those trigger words, I had to check it out.

Jamie and Claire

Picture by Captured 2 – Deviant Art

In 1745, the Jacobites stormed home of the Sutherland Clan, Dunrobin Castle.  Oh, and as an aside, Dunrobin is Gaelic for Robin’s Castle (I wonder who Robin was?).  It seems naughty Clan Sutherland supported the redcoats, but the earl scooted out the back door (come on Jacobites!  Didn’t you think to guard the back portcullis?).  The double-crossing earl set sail to Aberdeen and joined the Duke of Cumberland.  The infamous family played quite a part in the Highland Clearances too.  Grrr.  Scumbags.  Anyway…


Of course, there’s a tragic ghost.  The particular specter of Dunrobin haunts the upper floors and is believed to be Margaret, the daughter of the 14th Earl of Sutherland.  It’s a familiar story—lord’s daughter, unacceptable suitor, and an elopement gone awry. What is it with medieval lords locking women in attics and towers?  Talk about oppression.  Legend has it Margaret’s maid, a sucker for romance, smuggled in a rope for a sneaky break-out.  Her lover waiting anxiously below, Margaret began her heart-stopping descent.  With a parent’s dead-on instinct when it comes to teenagers and their schemes, her father chose that moment to spy on…er, check in.  Surprised and with no circus skills or net, Margaret slipped and fell to her death.  Her heart-broken lover put a curse on her father–can’t really blame the guy–but I heard no tale if the curse worked.  Maybe that’s why Margaret’s father found him unsuitable.  No talent for hexes.

Next time you’re in Scotland, take a tour of Dunrobin Castle.  Listen for Margaret crying (poor girl) and imagine the Jacobite forces swarming inside.  Then go home, read Outlander (again), and fantasize of your own Jamie Fraser.

Question of the day:  what do you love best about James Alexander Malcomb McKenzie Fraser?  For me, it’s his sense of humor…or how easily he’s scandalized…or the way he swings a sword…his deep love for Claire and only Claire…who am I kidding?  I love everything.


  1. Okay, okay. I’ll add another one to my to-be-read shelf.

    1. coleenjb says:

      No, no, no – on your MUST READ RIGHT AWAY shelf! I know it’s long, but sooooo worth every second.

  2. I’ve wanted to read this book for a long time too, CJ, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I think I will add it in after I finish my current book. Great post and thanks for the Outlander reminder! 🙂

    1. coleenjb says:

      Hi Traci! I know – so many good books, so little time. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Enjoy your blog ) my blog

    1. coleenjb says:


  4. GERALDINE says:

    I am on the last book,”An Echo in the Bone”. My favorite’s of these books would be the first, second, and third books. This one was a little boring at the beginning but has gotten better at the half point. Well, actually this is not the last book now as a new one is due to come out in March of 2014 which is only a couple of months away. Poor Jamie and Claire a getting a bit old for there shenanigans. I sometimes thing that I would like for Diana to make Jamie be able to travel through the stones so he can see what it’s like but than I think “Jamie in the 20th century, I don’t know”. Does anybody else have any opinions here? I’d love to here what others think. I love adore this story. If I had to pick one thing about Jamie that I love the most it would be his ability to live life one day at a time, take what the say brings and go on. He’s so good and I love his faith which is what helps him to continue. Of course, he’s the most romantic thing ever too!!! You can’t pick one, it’s impossible, LOL!

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Oh, I’m SO in agreement with you, Geraldine! Love, love, love Jamie Fraser. I think it would be tons of fun to see his reactions to the 20th century. I took a break from Jamie and Claire after Drums of Autumn, but I have The Fiery Cross, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, and An Echo in the Bone awaiting on my bookshelf. To be honest, after reading an excerpt Diana Gabaldon posted on FB, I’ve been yearning to return to the Outlander series. I need more reading time! I’m also very impatiently awaiting the TV show (I hope they don’t ruin it). Thanks for dropping in and happy holidays!

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