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Lookin’ For Love in All the Right Places


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Traditionally, June is a big fat wedding month.  Forget about or that grocery store chance soul-mate meeting in the meat aisle.  This post is for all those single-serving wedding wishers out there looking for love…supernatural style.

Some simple (seriously) tips to trap, er, discover true love:

  1. Personally gather some yarrow from the grave of a young man
    photo by Evelyn Simak
    photo by Evelyn Simak

    in a cemetery you’ve never visited before.  Tuck it under your pillow on Midsummer’s Night – June 23.  You still have time to lurk about a cemetery for yarrow.  No one will think you’re creepy.  Promise.  You’ll dream of your future lover.  Hope he’s hunky.

  1. If your BFF is single and looking for love too, you can do this one together.  Meet secretly between midnight and one a.m. in complete silence (NO TALKING!).  You each get to pluck a hair from each other’s heads, one for each year of life.  Sounds fun, huh?  Burn the hairs one by one while chanting…um, I guess you can chant whatever you want, so long as it’s a groovy rhyme.  An apparition of your future husbands will materialize.  Of course, these instructions didn’t specify which man would belong to which girl.  Guess you’ve gotta fight it out.

3.  Now, for you single guys out there, here’s some specific instructions to dream of your future lover.  Track down ten ivy leaves (I wouldn’t recommend poison ivy) and sleep with them under your pillow.  You’ll dream of your lady-love.  Unfortunately, this method doesn’t tell you how to find her.  Good luck!

photo courtesy of razvan ionut
photo courtesy of razvan ionut
  1. Girls, if you’ve found ten ivy leaves, give this a try:  place the leaves (avoid poison ivy if at all possible) in your bosom and chant:  ivy, ivy, I love thee, in my bosom I’ll put thee, and the first young man that speaks to me shall be my love and marry me.  Sounds simple enough.

5.  Now, this last one’s a little more complicated, takes some talent, and you’ll have to wait until Hallowe’en to do it.  Peel an apple in one long piece (is that even possible?) and toss it over your left shoulder into a bowl of water.  The peel will form the first initial of your future husband’s name.  If that doesn’t narrow it down enough for you, try hanging the peel on a nail by the front door.  The initials of the first man to enter will be the same as those of your future hubby.  Or, just stand before a mirror while eating an apple and combing your hair at midnight.  You’ll get a sneak peek at your man.

Happy hunting!  Have any supernatural love connection tips to share?  How did you meet your other half?


  1. Where in the world do you learn this stuff? I think I’d probably be screwed with all of these. 1) Yarrow? On a YOUNG guy’s grave I’d never visited? I think they mow our cemeteries too often for me to even get as far at the yarrow…let alone know which grave was a young guy. LOL 2) The pulling the hair thing? I’M 45. I’d be partially bald by the time it was all over. LOL 3) The fourth one I could probably do, but I’d probably screw it up and do poison ivy. 4) I don’t stand a chance with the apple peel.

    Fun post!

    1. coleenjb says:

      Gotta love superstitions, huh? 🙂 Finding love back then seemed like a lot of work.

  2. Ivana Humpalot says:

    Thank you, I shall give Craig’s lust the day off:)

    1. coleenjb says:

      Ivana, if you’re turning to Craig’s list for love, give the poison ivy in the bosom remedy a try. You’ll probably have better luck.

  3. I like the eating the apple and combing your hair at midnight thing, CJ. 🙂 Do you think if I eat a whole bushel David Gandy might show up??? 😉

    1. coleenjb says:

      I had to look up David Gandy…SHAZAM! He’d probably be worth a little poison ivy on the boobs.

  4. Dream always related to our life our mind thoughts and activities which have some lesson about our life some decision and much more so we should learn form our dreams

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