Friday Fascination

Friday Fun


19 years ago today, my beautiful baby girl came into the world. I once told her I never wanted kids, and she was insulted (rightly so–my wording could have been better), but what I meant was this:  I was never “that” girl who dreamed of weddings and flocks of children. But my daughter (and yes, she was totally planned)? I wouldn’t trade her for anything. Not a date with Alex Skarsgard. Not a million dollar book deal. Not…anything. I even went all Suzee Homemaker for her B-day. Look at the cake I made (Reese’s peanut butter cup cake–yum!).



And now for some fun…

Anyone who knows me at all is aware of my love for cats. Combine them with my Star Wars inner fangirl, and I’m sold. My daughter sent me the link to this video, and since it’s Friday and you should be having a good time…click here and enjoy!


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