Friday Fascination

The Other Woman Movie Review

Getting out to the movies doesn’t happen much for me, but I went out with some friends a month or so ago to see The Other Woman. I mean, any girl who has ever been cheated on wants some revenge…I admit, I had a few vengeance plots in my day. Cheaters suck!

Hop on over and talk to me, people! I’m at Geeks today…scooping on the movies.

Cry on the Inside


  1. Hey lady – I posted a comment on the Geeks site, but it didn’t show up. I think I’m being moderated. Perhaps I’ve offended someone.

    Anyway, I saw that movie, too. At first I didn’t like the leading lady, but then she grew on me as the movie gained momentum. It was cute in a silly sort of way.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. CJ Burright says:

      Uh-oh…the moderation goonies have their eye on you, Patricia. I’ll check into it, though, make sure they know you’re golden. I was with you at first–the brain camp comment made me shudder, even though it was kind of cute. I have a hard time liking a protagonist who isn’t smart, but as she leaned more toward naive than dumb, I forgave her. 🙂

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